Monday, November 29, 2004

November 29th, 2004

Our house is almost empty…one more guest to leave. Things will get back to normal. Jakob was amazing! He played with everybody, made great eye contact, let everybody know what he did and did not like…only one meltdown the whole week! And that one only lasted for a few minutes. I’m so glad it happened while I was home…I seem to know the fastest way to get him out of it. I really think one reason he was so good was the crash corner I built. In our living room (away from the tv), I have a corner that’s all pillows…all different colors, sizes and textures and he just rolls around in it. One of his therapists suggested we do it and I’m so glad we did. He loves it. He’ll stay in there forever. If he starts to get a little “over-stimulated”, he goes in there to self-regulate and get himself “organized”. It’s great. He’s always pulling Kenny and me in there with him to hang out, talk to him and bury him in pillows. I think we’re having as much fun with it as he is. I try so many different things that I think he might like…it’s so nice when I find something that he does!

Our friends and family are just so in love with him…he is such a great kid. He’s sweet and so funny and his disposition is so pleasant. I can tell that Kenny hasn’t told his family a lot about his problems. And whenever I try to explain what’s going on, they just say “he’s fine” or “all kids do that”. It can make me feel like I’m crazy…I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not. Jakob is going to be fine, we all are. He just learns differently, he has a different perspective. We need to figure out the best way to reach him.



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