Thursday, March 24, 2005

March 24th, 2005

I woke up late this morning…I hate it when that happens. I never quite seem to pull it all together on days that I wake up late. No good coffee either, that doesn’t help.
I have to say that I’m surprised that I only got one e-mail on last week’s entry that urged me to seek counseling. I thought for sure someone would show up here with a straight jacket. It’s good to know that maybe I’m not that crazy after all.

My Mom left yesterday…sad day. I love having Mom around. The woman has a way about her, she calms me. She’s so relaxed, she never gets too wound up about anything. It’s a nice change since I’m usually surrounded by a lot of people that get wound up about everything.
What she did to help me is amazing. She cleaned and organized all my closets…not an easy job. She organized all my clothes drawers, re-arranged furniture, put up my spring décor and so much more. And of course, she took care of Jakob. Jakob loves his Grandma…they play and snuggle. I saw him do things for Grandma that he won’t do for me. He just sat on the couch next to her and cuddled with her for an hour!! I can’t get him to do that but Grandma sure can. It was great. I need her to move in…

I went to the wine tasting event for Children’s Hospital Friday night and it was wonderful. I so love being in a room full of people who understand what my life is like. It’s just so much easier to talk to strangers in the same situation than it is to try to explain it to people I know. I look forward to another social event for “special parents”.

Jakob has a pretty good cold. His nose is a mess and he’s coughing like crazy. Luckily he hasn’t been too cranky…yet. (I’m knocking on wood.) I think we may have gone overboard on the new trampoline the other day. It was too cold out but I didn’t have the heart to make him go inside. He only started liking the trampoline a week and a half ago…now I can’t get him off of it! He jumps, he crashes, he lies on his tummy, he bounces on his knees and his bottom. He’s even jumping with other kids! He giggles when they jump and do flips. It’s awesome.

The addition to the swing set is a hit too. I really believe all this “physical therapy” stuff is gonna help him, I think it already has. I can just see that he’s becoming more aware of his body and what it can do. It’s a great thing to see. I’ve also noticed so much more vocalizing. He’s chattering non-stop and I’m hearing so many new sounds. The sign language is coming fast too. It’s one quick-moving party at my house right now! I hope I can keep up.

I’ve made so many decisions about what to do to our house to make it more “Jakob-friendly”. I think my shopping is almost done (I hope). The next big decision will be what to do, if anything, over the summer when school is out. I have everything set up at home to do “home schooling” but I don’t know if that will be enough. I’m gonna look into some camps and other programs and I might get him into additional therapy. So much to think about and look into…I’m not quite sure where to start! I’m just thrilled that the weather is getting to the point where we can go outside more. He loves to be out running around. I very much so look forward to moving his sensory table outside…he likes to dump the rice and oatmeal on the floor. It was making Kenny crazy so I put an inflatable pool under it but it’s only catching so much of it. I know we have to have mice that are loving us right now…(don’t tell Kenny, he hates rodents).

Overall, I feel pretty good this week. Having a couple days off work sure helped. I think I’m almost caught up on everything at home…now I just have to catch up on everything else I have going on in my life…if that’s even possible. This week, I choose to believe that it is. (Next week I’m gonna choose vodka).



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