Monday, September 25, 2006

Jakob's Journal

I think everything is ok. Jakob has a cold but he seemed to be ok when he left with his dad yesterday. No fever, just quite a bit of snot. Anybody know how to stop a kid from picking his nose and well...ya know what comes next...anyone? I've learned to stomach a lot of things as a mother, but that's one that still makes me queasy.

Jakob's fall schedule is going well so, ABA, OT/Speech and PT. He sure seems to do better the busier he is...that whole "40 hours per week" thing that I've heard so many times actually makes sense. I still have some slots that I need to fill up...more ABA, music, more speech, swimming,'s on my list.

This fall is gonna be really busy and it starts this week. Nick Lachey's pants are gonna be all over the place and the Autism Expo this Saturday will start it all. I know I have several fundraising events and speaking engagements scheduled with plenty more to come. I plan on taking Jakob with me whenever possible. It's so good for him to get out and it's good for me since I miss him so much when he's not with me.

Jakob's sure been doing a lot of vocalizing...he has so much to say. The wheels in his head are going full-speed ahead and I can tell that he so desperately wants to tell me what he's thinking. I'm still believing and still holding onto the hope that someday soon he'll be able to tell me everything...

I feel very blessed with Jakob in so many ways. He truly is a joy...he's happy and loving (most of the time), he's so funny and makes me laugh harder than I've ever laughed in my life. His laugh is the greatest sound in the world. I want people to stop feeling sorry for him and me...we're great. No pity, please. Just the respect I deserve for taking on our challenges and doing so with a positive attitude. That's all. Respect is nice.

I'm very is scheduled for this Thursday. Ankle band...puzzle pieces with Jakob's name and a couple other little things. I've been waiting and wanting this for a while and finally, I'm gonna do it. No fear. Can't wait. (Just found prescription painkillers in the meicine cabinet...forgot I had them...undecided whether to use as a preventative measure or wait to test the pain level...we'll see.)