Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February 28, 2007

While I've been trapped in the house with the flu, I've been looking around and taking inventory of the signs I have up. I have more than a few...

We Create Our Tomorrows by What We Dream Today
A Happy Childhood Lasts Forever
Scatter Kindness
We Believe in Santa
Because Nice Matters
Live Laugh Love
Home is Where Your Story Begins
Normal is Just a Setting on the Washing Machine
Dwell in Possibility
Expect a Miracle
Peace on Earth Begins with Me

I think I was onto something...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

February 21, 2007

Wow. That was funny. Kinda gross but very funny.

We have made huge headway in the potty-training department. We pretty much got the pee pee part down. The only time I've had an issue is if he really has to go (and I can tell cause he does a pretty entertaining pee pee dance), but he's in the middle of doing something. Something very important. And if he's in the middle of something, he ain't leavin' it until he's done. So...if he's watching a "Signing Time" video, we could have an accident. Other than that little glitch, he's been great. I've even taught him to "dab, dab, dab" himself to clean up drippage and he wipes the toilet seat before he flushes. He's good...really good.

The number 2 thing is a different story. I'm lucky if I catch him in the middle of the movement. If I catch him, we make a dash for the bathroom in hopes that we can finish the job in the bowl. Sometimes we make it but most of the time, we don't. I realize that it's happened when I see him walking a little funny and he's headed for the bathroom. Well, tonite, I caught him heading to the bathroom so I ran in and flipped up the lid, yanked his pants down to his ankles and plopped him on the seat. But he was done. We missed it. Usually when this happens, I take the contents of his underwear and drop it (or them) in the toilet and make a big deal about "poopie goes in the potty". I messed up. I took five steps out of the bathroom to grab the wet wipes and when I got back, he had put his underwear and his sweatpants in the potty and he was trying to pick up a runaway with a piece of toilet paper. God love him, his was putting the poopie in the potty.

Ooh...and last night, I realized just how many timea a day I tell Jakob I love him. (It's a lot). Every time I say it to him, he does the sign for "I love you" back to me. Precious, I tell ya. LAst night, he was almost out and he had this half-grin happy face. I whispered "I love you" to him and with his eyes still shut, he signed it back to me. If only I'd had a was the cutest darn thing that I've ever seen.

I'm keeping him.

Friday, February 16, 2007

February 13, 2007

This was the week...the EEG. But, good-old Cincinnati weather didn't want to cooperate so we'll be doing it in about a month. No biggie, it's not an emergency kind of situation. I was just ready to get it done. I'm tired of worrying about it. And, I've put a fair amount of brain-work into the preperations for the event. I was ready. I changed something in every room in the house. I made sure there was at least one of Jakob's favorite things in each room. I even brought out some stuff that he hasn't seen in awhile...stuff I know he'd still love. I wanted the house to be the best "Jakob's World" it could be. It should take me about 2 days to screw it all up so I'll have to start over in a couple weeks. That's ok...I already have the plan in my head and now that I have more time to work on it, I can expand it if needed.

Have I said lately that Jakob is the cutest, sweetest kid EVER?? He wrote "I Love You" on his Magna Doodle the other night and he's been perfecting the sign for "I Love You". It's sweet beyond compare...

I've been having flashbacks lately of when it wasn't so fun and easy. Jakob is not the same child that lived here 2 years ago. That child was so uncomfortable in his own skin let alone around other people. He's so inter-active now that there are times I just can't believe how far he's come. It's pretty cool.

The past couple of weeks have been a recipe for disater but Jakob has come through it beautifully. It started with strep throat and then the weather hit. No school, no therapy, stuck in the house...complete change of routine. He's been a champ. No significant issues and not one meltdown. Very impressive. I don't know how much longer he can last like Mother Nature better lay off for a little while or I need to buy my own fleet of snowplows so all the kids and teachers can make it to school and they won't have anymore snow days...just a thought.

I really couldn't believe it. The kid was running a doozie of a fever, had a nasty cough and his little cheeks were so red. His throat had to be hurting. He was moving a little slower than usual and his appetite wasn't so great but other than that, he was perfect. A really good patient.

As a result of the running a fever in the middle of the night, he started sleeping in bed with me. It's been a week and a half. He's still in the bed. He likes it in there for some reason. Not sure if it's just the size of the bed or the pillow and blanket he gets or the fact that the bed is in a corner...or maybe it's me that he likes...just a thought. All I know for sure is he gets in the bed without any kind of fight and he won't fall asleep unless I lay there with him. I can tell when he's about out...he's laying on his tummy with his head on his blankie looking at me. His eyes get really heavy and he gives me this big grin. He fights it...checking several times to make sure that I'm still laying there before he finally conks out. Precious, I tell ya, just precious.

I've been asked if I want Jakob to participate in his class concert. I guess it's a pretty big affair. It's at the high school and he'd be up on stage with a lot of kids. The concerns are whether or not it will be overwhelming for him with all the lights and all the people, he doesn't sing, and he does the hand motions but usually only after the song is over. In all honesty, when the school called me to talk about it, I was just waking up from a really good afternoon nap. I wake up very slowly (just like Jakob) so I was a little disoriented throughout the majority of the conversation. I was alert enough to simply ask for a couple of days to think about it.

After I became aware of my surroundings, my decision was easy. Yup. He's in. We're gonna try it. I'm gonna get a copy of the song on CD so we can practice at home and in the car. I will learn every clap and every stomp. We'll be ready for the performance and all we gotta do is get him dressed, in the car, out of the car, in the door, and onto the stage. Once he's up there, he just has to stay there and look cute. The last part is easy...the looking cute part. I'm ready to try it and I think Jakob is too. I believe that once he sees a bunch of kids in the parking lot and they're all going into the school, he will follow. Just like Christmas Eve, he's gonna wanna know where everybody's going. But if we're not that lucky, I'm not gonna push him. I will not force him to do anything...there will be no screaming for Jakob. We will go at Jakob's pace. If it don't go smoothly, it don't go. And I will know when to pull the plug. I really do feel good about the whole thing...I think we'll pull it off. (As long as he has a good day leading up to putting on his shoes to get out the door. Once the shoes are on, it's a go.)

Fact is, there's always a shot at something like this of somebody being a jerk. We may get some funny looks...definitely the looks of "I wonder what's wrong with that kid" and "that Mom has no control over her son"...and that's ok. I can take it. I couldn't be any prouder of that kid, he's amazing even if he does a solo performance of the song after the rest of the group has finished singing. Actually, I think that would be awesome...better remember the video camera...